Strategic community design improves business outcomes.

At Yerdle I led a strategic design process and successfully launched 2 digital community engagement programs, created weekly promotions and managed social media community and customer service. Members in my programs drove 42% of transactions in April 2015, total activity rose 68% in 4 months, and now the programs serve as a combination of acquisition, retention, community building and earned media strategy. 

Visualization is a powerful tool for thinking holistically. 

As a graphic facilitator, I design and draw live visual representations of complex conversations, helping people to see the whole picture, enjoy the process, remember the content better, and communicate effectively with external stakeholders. 

Emotionally intelligent user research produces better insights.

Personas & Profiles

My managerial marketing team worked with a clothing startup seeking to build a "grown and sewn" in California line of cotton clothing. We conducted user and market research and developed an integrated launch and marketing plan. 

One of the efforts I led was a deep dive into the potential customer segments. Who might care about this brand in development? Why would they care? Where do they live, work, shop, and socialize? I identified and researched target segments, conducted personal interviews, created personas, empathy maps, journey maps and profiles. We developed clear strategic recommendations based on the human motivations and patterns.  

Human Centered Design- user research

How might teach the basics of Human Centered Design in a concise and empowering way? As part of a student club at Presidio Graduate School, I collaborated with to explore that question. gave us a bootcamp in Human Centered Design research. We identified some sustainability organizations in Bali that were in need of business and design savvy, traveled there and identified challenges, conducted user research, and synthesized the results. We supported 3 great organizations in reflecting, considering new possibilities, and listening to their stakeholders in new ways. When we returned we gave feedback on how to continue iterating the bootcamp itself. 

Stakeholders will tell you important information when you ask correctly. 

Event design & facilitation

As student body President of Presidio Graduate School I co-founded a multi-stakeholder event that is now held every semester. In "Presidio Converses," we bring students, administration, faculty, board members and alumni together to openly and effectively discuss institutional affairs. The student representatives design and facilitate the event each time using the most current issues of the moment. Open dialogue increases collective intelligence and alignment. 

I designed, developed, implemented, and facilitated the first two events of this type, at a tense time in the history of the school.  I designed a social experience that balanced power differentials, increased stakeholders' ability to hear and understand one another. We collected good ideas and feedback and I led my team to synthesize the results and report back to the community. I also set up the social and organizational infrastructure needed to make this a recurring event. As of fall 2015, six have been executed with another one planned next semester. 


My MBA team developed a sustainable growth and finance plan for international non profit Architecture for Humanity's domestic volunteer chapter network. We interviewed chapter leaders, members and HQ staff and researched best practices. 

I led the efforts to understand the people involved. We had to understand the motivations, current experiences, frustrations, and the aspirations, as well as the competencies and goals of the different people involved in order to make any realistic plan for a volunteer network. Only then could the scenario planning and larger contextual strategic thinking be useful. As part of this process, I facilitated a strategic exercise with 40 chapter members using "how might we" questions, small group discussions, and plenty of sticky notes.