I bring design practices, business tools, community acumen, and a sustainability lens to every project I take on. 

We can design a better world. Given climate change and a need for greater social justice, many of our common systems are just not good enough, not as good as they could be, and not in fact financially sustainable without considering longer term factors like resource consumption and social impact. I work on understanding and contributing to better patterns. 

I have my own practice as a graphic facilitator, helping communicate big ideas, and I work as a sustainability coach, helping organizations develop their own sustainability plans. I am a designer, a communicator, and a strategist. I use skills everyday that I gained in my sustainable MBA program at Presidio Graduate School and cultural psychology and sustainable design BA at Wesleyan University. 

In the past, I have worked as a community engagement program designer for a sustainable retail app startup and as an urban spatial experience researcher in Copenhagen. I've managed a fundraising team for a political campaign, raised awareness for a Green Festival project, and raised funds for a women's micro-enterprise nonprofit. I've written a design column for a sustainable business conference, and written multiple strategic plans for companies, non-profits, and startups. I've designed and built ecological homes with my bare hands in Mendocino and co-founded an activist arts collective in San Francisco. I have training in mediation and non violent communications, although I always have my early training as a martial artist to fall back on. (Kidding). 

Each role I take on is related to every other by a consistent, passionate interest. I love discovering and inventing patterns by which human beings might live together on this planet with less destruction, and a whole lot more joy. I value thorough financial analysis, rigorous creative strategy, dedicated community engagement and excellent emotional intelligence. 

Let's collaborate! 


"Lily is thoughtful, smart, and strategic and has strong communication and synthesis skills. She was a colleague at Yerdle who spearheaded projects during a particularly fast-growing and change-filled time. She lead the program for the Yerdle Fund...develop[ing] the campaign by engaging with our community and supporting them in developing it. She lead the testing...evaluation, and the rollout to our entire membership. She also lead the Unshopping Challenge, which challenges people to go 30 days without buying anything new. For this project she built the landing page and email program with our design and engineering teams, engaged the community members who developed the project, and helped with a highly successful public launch on Earth Day 2015." 

- Adam Werbach, Yerdle


"HP hired Lily to help capture graphically the discussions held between our company and a number of others at the Sustainable Brands 2014 annual conference. The HP Living Progress Exchange was three free-flowing and complex discussions around sustainability themes of human, economic and environmental progress. Lily did a great job of summarizing these discussions into three themed poster-sized graphics. The graphics not only reflected the group's ideas, but captured the imagination of other SB'14 attendees when displayed at the event. HP was very pleased with Lily's graphics. 

Equally important, Lily was a pleasure to work with. She brings to an assignment great listening skills and strong interpretive abilities. Lily collaborated exceptionally well with HP and our discussion participants. And she smoothly handled the inevitable technical challenges that happen when any event takes place live.  I strongly recommend Lily as a graphic facilitator!"

- Chris Librie, Senior Director - HP Living Progress


"While working on a sustainable strategic plan for the Architecture for Humanity Chapter Network, Lily went above and beyond the scope of our project. Lily not only effectively communicated the values of the complex network but also developed a strategy for implementation along with the right technical tools to help us achieve the financial goals.

Lily quickly jumped into the culture of the network by leading a strategic planning session with over 40 of our chapter leaders. Lily then brought everyone a little closer by ending the session with a meaningful giving circle. I am happy to have worked with Lily on this endeavor."

- Garrett Jacobs, Outreach Coordinator, Architecture for Humanity


"Lily is an intelligent, exceptional writer whose commitment to sustainability and passion for equity show through in her work. Her ability to think independently and collaborate effectively coupled with a solid understanding of editorial issues will make her an asset with any organization. And her unyielding optimism is infectious!"

- Thomas Miner, Director of Business Operations at Sustainable Brands



Lily Laurence




lillian.laurence [at] gmail.com